The Simple as Fuck Cookbook for Lazy Dick Nuggets

Alright, listen up you lazy dick-nuggets. You think cooking has to be hard? You, who eats dry toast and plain pasta and whines because Uber Eats charges too much for delivery? Shut the fuck up. Cooking is easy as shit, and I’m about to show you how.

Is MyHack reaching its intended audience?

Article written in September 2016, originally published here. A group sponsored by the federal government says it’s important to continue engaging youth against extremism after just six students participated in one of its 3-day “hackathons”. MyHack, an organization aimed at “mobilising youth for counter violent extremism innovation,” is sponsored by the Australian government and owned by... Continue Reading →

The 13th thing on your mind

An article written for NGO ‘The Malima Project,’ an independent primary school in rural Cameroon. In July 2013, I aided the set up and running of this school by assisting local employees with administration, collating children’s work to send to sponsors, and producing an update newsletter for sponsors and those involved in the school. Emphasis was placed... Continue Reading →

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